Crowdfunding in Greece


In Greece, the economic crisis leads to difficulties for new businesses regarding the raising of funds. Finding investors was impossible and banks stopped borrowing. Crowdfunding is an alternative way of fund-raising that it has benefits for both parties involved. Crowdfunding aims at improving the entrepreneurship and Greek economy. It is simple, safe and very helpful for people, businesses and organizations who want funds to achieve their goals.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process that people raising funds for the implementation of a project. People can contribute to a project or an idea, with low amounts each one, in order the financial target be covered. It is a very popular method of fund-raising, as it is conducted through the social networks and specialized platforms. The promotion becomes with different and easy ways. The procedure of crowdfunding is very effective. The projects are presented on the crowdfunding platforms and people have the possibility to know about them. Those who are interested in the idea, can contribute and disseminate about it.

Crowdfunding can be distinguished in three main forms:


Is crowdfunding useful for Non-Governmental Organizations?

Crowdfunding is a useful and important tool for the Non-Governmental Organizations. In Greece, many campaigns have already been completed for the support and the empowerment of Greek NGOs. NGOs deal with many difficult situations related the funds, so the crowdfunding campaigns is the solution in their problem. People seems to understand their needs and stand by them, in order to achieve their projects.


What about e-Patterns?

The European project Erasmus+ e-Patterns focus on small NGOs. The main objective of the project is to support them and up-re-skill adult SNGOs practitioners to support their work in fund-raising and strategic digital positioning through new technologies.


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crowdfunding in Greece