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According to your answers, you are the one, a real wizard of fundraising! We are honoured that our paths have finally crossed! All organisations should know about you.

The Expert level attests that you can take the opportunities presented, as well as mold them to address the challenges you face in your work regarding fundraising. You have the knowledge, skills and competences needed in organising and implementing a fundraising strategy and you have the ability to organise the other members of your team. You are able to come up with ideas that you turn into solutions or/and use your vision to stir strategic decision-making in fundraising strategies. You can draw strategic plans to energize resources and ensure financial stability. You may re-define priorities and re-assess plans, if circumstances change, and calculate risks or make decisions in volatile and ambiguous times.

In case you wish to further enhance and strengthen your knowledge, competences, and skills, take them to the next level(s), and/or stay informed about how to run a fundraising strategy in your organisation, we suggest you regularly visit the website of the project: “e-PATTERNS. E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund-raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management”.

We have developed a great free course on digital fundraising and maybe you are interested in supporting our cause in spreading it, together with the special training toolbox we have prepared for other people to follow your steps in fundraising! If you are interested to be in touch, please write to our contacts. Otherwise, please do spread the word of e-PATTERNS free training course!