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According to your answers, you are a hero of fundraising! We are lucky to have you in our platform and in the world!

The advanced level attests that you have very good knowledge, skills and competences in organising and implementing fundraising strategies and techniques. You can recognize opportunities and needs that have not been met, yet. You can generate an inspiring vision regarding fundraising and invite others to join it, while being driven by ethics and sustainability factors when making important decisions. You can come up with funding and manage a budget for chosen activities, as well as involving and inspiring third parties to join you. You can estimate alternative options and choose what is really efficient for the organisation.

In case you wish to further enhance and strengthen your knowledge, competences, and skills, take them to the next level(s), and/or stay informed about how to run a fundraising strategy in your organisation, we suggest you regularly visit the website of the project: “e-PATTERNS. E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund-raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management”.

We have developed a great  free course on digital fundraising and maybe you are interested in supporting our cause in spreading it, together with the special training toolbox we have prepared for other people to follow your steps in fundraising! If you are interested to be in touch, please write to our contacts. Otherwise, please do spread the word of e-PATTERNS free training course!