One of the most important outputs of this project will be the training courses focused on small NGOs’ staff. In this training a low level manager can easily upskill his or her competences in fund raising and not only.

the training will provide simplified knowledge upon

financial literacyfund-raisingdigital tools to fund-raise and planning social media managementstorytelling blogging marketing learningmanagement tools & strategic planning

Objectives of training:

  • Define a transferrable and ready-to-use training programme focused on ICT & fund-raising/financial literacy actions;
  • Constitute a guidance for new organisations interested in creating a department of fund-raising;
  • Facilitate the work of SNGOs and make them more resilient to lack of public funds;
  • Incubate a personal project by the target group participants, favouring them to create connections.

4 provisionals sections of training manuals

  1. financial literacy and fund-raising;
  2. digital tools to fund-raise and planning;
  3. social media management, storytelling blogging, marketing learning,
  4. management tools & strategic planning) having methodological and theoretical parts + the reports;

1 section

focused on the personal fund-raising (or entrepreneurial) actions to be implemented at local level;

1 section

of overall training guide & user guidance.


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