E-patterns is approved


E-patterns “E-learning platform for up-skilling in fund raising practice, financial digital literacy in NGO management” is the new European project Erasmus+ KA2, which is approved. E-patterns started on September 2019, its duration is 2 years, and it will be completed on August 2021.

E-patterns aims to up-re-skill adult SNGOs practitioners (30+ years old) to support their work in fund-raising and strategic digital positioning through new technologies. The development of a web-platform will help them to have strategical planning and to incubate projects in a sustainable way. A self-assessment tool will be also created, in order to analyze the state of digitization within the organization.

The target group is described as poorly- ICT-equipped SNGO practitioners (30+ years old) who need to be up-re-skilled in ICT and financial literacy to develop strategic competencies in fund-raising, crucial for the development of any social project.

E-patterns is implemented by six partners, from Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus and Greece. Project partners are education and training centers, experts in digital education, training, research, and consultancy.


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