Crowdfunding evolution

Within the so-called “collaborative economy”, crowdfunding is one of the modalities that has grown the most in the last ten years in Spain. Apart from increasing, it has not stopped evolving, and from collective contributions with nothing in return, it has been expanded to other formats such as rewards, shares, loans or royalties. In this way, crowdfunding is not only a widely used tool for financing small projects of artists or social activists, but also for larger projects, until reaching the business world.

NGOs and StartUp are the ones that resort the most to crowdfunding today, as an alternative form of financing to start a new project and also to determine what types of product or service the consumer wants to see in the market.


The best platforms for NGOs and StartUps

Among the best platforms of 2020 that target NGOs or StartUps are:

  • Lá the most popular crowdfunding platform, which helps finance all types of projects.
  • A pioneering platform dedicated to fundraising for NGOs and solidarity projects
  • a unique platform conceived as a “social network to co-finance and collaborate with creative projects that promote the commons, free knowledge and open source”.
  • Lá The first Pledge Fund in Spain, for micro-investments in StartUp.
  • dedicated to shareholder crowdfunding for the creation of companies, puts entrepreneurs in contact with investors.

You can find a more exhaustive list at


The Spanish regulation

On April 2015 the Spanish government regulated the crowdfunding with the Law 5/2005. The Law held the marked with some limits and the distinction in “accredited investors” (former investors) and “non-accredited investors” (non-professional investors). While the firsts have no investment limits, the seconds have a maximum investment limit of €3,000 per project and a total of €10,000 per year. There is also a limit on the crowdfunding amount possible to raise. It amounts to €2 million or €5 million depending on the targeted investors.


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